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how to store shampoo bars
With Spring in the air, it's a perfect time to clean out bathroom cabinets and shower racks, and decide what is next to switch from plastic bottles. Thank you to KinKind user Avril who shared this photo showing us how to store shampoo bars, and how clean and uncluttered here bathroom looks.
Switching from bottles to KinKind bars has multiple benefits :
🛀 In the Bathroom :
- Your bathroom looks clean and uncluttered
- Your bathroom always smells lovely and fresh
- Shower plug holes are so much easier to clean; they don't get clogged up with liquid conditioner gunge.
🌎 For the Planet :
- You are saving plastic pollution and not using fossil fuels
- You are using products with a Low Carbon Footprint - made in the UK and not transporting 80% water-based products on lorries, literally driving up carbon emissions.
👪For your Family :
With KinKind lovely-to-use bars you can always look fabulous, and feel great knowing that together you are doing your bit for the environment and your next of kin.
Create positive plastic free change in your bathroom. Enjoy KinKind!