Creating positive change UK bathrooms...134,960 PLASTIC BOTTLES SAVED to date! ***FREE DELIVERY & SAVE 10% on ALL SUBSCRIPTION ORDERS***


With such negativity in the news we could all do with a bit of here is some positive news from KinKind!
We've crunched the numbers and to date this year KinKind families have saved a whopping 62,485 plastic bottles from becoming plastic pollution. 👏👏👏 THANK YOU!🙏
Not only that, remember, we have also stopped the need for using irreplaceable fossil fuels to make these plastic bottles, AND the equivalent in bottled shampoo to one KinKind shampoo bar weighs 10X more, so our carbon footprint in transport is tiny compared with the big bottled brands!
Oh, and in case you didn't hear our BIG NEWS on Friday, KinKind was awarded 🇬🇧🏆BEST NEW BRITISH BRAND🇬🇧🏆 in the Pure Beauty London 2020 awards. We are so happy to be awarded this accolade. It makes us feel good that we are starting to make a real positive difference (and we hope you feel that too!) in family bathrooms, and in the UK beauty industry that uses so much unnecessary plastic.
And, the last bit of good news.... KinKind is still making and delivering! Our fantastic UK team will continue to safely manufacture and pack over the next few difficult weeks in the run up to Christmas.... and we have some lovely gift sets available for you and your family to enjoy a plastic-free Christmas.🎄💚. Do take a look!
Thank you for choosing to switch from plastic bottles to KinKind bars. Enjoy KinKind!