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Living in a house of boys (even the dog!) I am sometimes asked if we've all switched to KinKind plastic-free bars. Of course we have...! Here's what the boys in our house use... 💚

James (13) asks for the yellow one! It's the CLEANSE me! 2in1 shampoo & bodywash bar. He keeps showering simple!

Alex (15) has recently started to shave, so he is using the CLOSE shave! bar. It's great on his teen skin. Alex is also trialling newly developed (sneak-peek!) Anti-Dandruff shampoo and conditioner bars...they are fab! More on those in the next few months!

Richard (my real Man Friday 🥰) is an absolute fragrance fan, so anything that smells great goes down well. He loves the START my day! bodywash, WAKE me up! bodywash and also the CLEANSE me! 2in1. He's also using the CLOSE shave! shaving bar.

And Monty the dog 🐕? Well he absolutely hates going anywhere near the shower or bath, so he swims in the river Thames everyday and collects plastic polluting bottles that are caught in the riverbank!