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HOLD me! Wooden rack x 2

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Each wooden soap dish is ideal to store your KinKind shampoo bars, conditioner bars, bodywash bars and shave bars in your bathroom.

They keep your bars out of the flow of water, and where they can drain to dry. This is key to successful switching when it comes to our bars as it prevents them dissolving or going mushy. Getting the storage right with these racks then allows your bars to dry quickly and last longer.

Place them on your bath ledge, window sill or sink, away from the flow of water and then place your bars on top. With a bar it’s so easy to pick-up, use and put back – no more faffing around with bottles and lids!

This set features 2 wooden soap racks and is delivered direct through your letterbox in one of our postal cartons.

Caring for your soap dishes: these soap dishes are made from Hemu wood, so will benefit from being washed / wiped clean every so often. Occasional oiling with a light oil can also help to restore & prolong the natural colour of the racks.

Dimensions of each straight ladder rack: Length 11cm, Width 8.5cm, Height 1.6cm