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Collection: Moisturiser Bars for Body, Hands & Feet

KinKind has developed the ultimate all-in-one eco friendly vegan Moisturiser bar for dry skin that replaces Body Lotion, Hand Cream and Foot Cream! Say goodbye to multiple plastic bottles and tubes.... and say hello to soft, smooth and nourished skin! Now that feels great!

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This zero waste, vegan solid lotion bar is enriched to the maximum quantity with natural ingredients like Cocoa Seed Butter, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil. You can deeply moisturise and nourish dry skin on your body, hands & feet. Choose a fragrance to suit your mood, from Dreamy Coconut, to Relaxing Lavender & Chamomile to Uplifting Neroli & Bergamot.

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  • INDULGE Hair & Skincare BEAUTY GIFT SET. Saves 6 plastic bottles
    INDULGE Hair & Skincare BEAUTY GIFT SET. Saves 6 plastic bottles
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  • KEEP me! 3 Travel tins. Ideal for holidays, gym & pool.
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One bar has so many uses! Legs, arms, hands, feet, elbows, stretch marks and baby bumps. Use as a solid lotion on the body after showering to moisturise and nourish; use as a fast absorbing hand cream to soften dry hands; use on feet to help smooth and hydrate cracked heels, and on baby bumps to help prevent stretch marks.

Stroke the moisturising lotion bar on the skin. The warmth of your skin will melt it just enough to let the vegan natural ingredients and nourishing goodness soak in and feed your skin.

Use it at home in the bathroom, on your work desk, in a gym bag, and for on the go application have it ready in your handbag. Just store it in a KEEP me! travel tin, and it's ready to be used anywhere, any time! 

Best New Sustainable Body Product Finalist in the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2021.

KinKind Moisturiser bars make the perfect vegan and eco friendly gift as part of our Hair & SkinCare Beauty Gift Set collection with our Award-winning Shampoo and Conditioner bars, and fabulously foaming BodyWash bars. Choose from NOURISH!, RELAX!, or UPLIFT & SHINE!

Hand-made in the UK, plastic free, cruelty free, paraben free.

How to use a Moisturiser Bar

Body Lotion : Ideal to use after showering on slightly damp skin, warm the bar in your hands and stroke it directly on your body. Feel the nourishing moisturising ingredients with shea butter quickly soak in and feed your skin. No more drips on the floor and no waiting to get dressed!

Hand Cream : The concentrated natural ingredients of shea butter and cocoa seed butter make it one of the best hand cream for cracked hands. Lightly rub the bar between your palms you can help dehydrated skin retain moisture and keep your hands feeling soft and nourished. Pop a bar of this rich cream moisturiser in a KEEP me! aluminium storage tin on your desk, or in your hand-bag for on the go application. And here's the best bit... no more squeezing the impossible last bit out of a plastic tube!

Foot Cream : Use as a foot cream bar on cracked heels and dry patches to help soften and hydrate dry skin. Stroke the bar directly on your heels and feel how quickly it absorbs into the skin. With its thicker consistency there are absolutely no drips on the floor!

Stretch Marks: Loaded with cocoa seed butter use this bar to deeply moisturise baby bumps to help keep skin nourished and prevent stretch marks. Stroke over the baby bump and gently massage in.

How to store Moisturiser Bars

Store in a KinKind KEEP me! aluminium storage and travel tin, in a cooler place out of direct sunlight. If left in the sun, or in hot temperatures, this bar may melt and then solidify again when it cools.