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Refer your friends and family and be rewarded with 10% cash back!

Share the enjoyment of KinKind plastic free hair and beauty bars, offer a friends and family discount code and, and be rewarded with 10% cash back!

This is how it works :

1) Sign-up to become a KinKinder using this link or type in in a new browser. 

It will ask you to create a KickBooster account and you will need to input your PayPal account to receive your cash-back rewards.

2) You will get a unique URL for you to share with your friends and family.

Any one-off orders placed using this URL will earn you 10% cash-back on the net value of the sale (which excludes shipping, but includes any discounts, and includes VAT). The URL has a 365 day cookie linked to it, so every time it is shared your friend has 365 days to order for it to be tracked to your account. You can re-share the URL to the same person to re-order again.

If your friend places a subscription order you will earn 10% cash back on every order for the time that your friend has a KinKind subscription. There is clearly a benefit for you to encourage this.

3) You can offer a friends and family discount code 10FRIENDS which will give a one time 10% off a one-off or subscription purchase for your friend or family.

4) Your cash back rewards are paid by KickBooster into your PayPal account on the 1st and 15th of every month, after KickBooster has invoiced KinKind for your cash-back on a monthly basis. You can track and monitor your rewards in your KickBooster account. Currency is US Dollars, not GBP. When payments are made, they are exchanged into GBP at the exchange rate of that day.