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Exposing Hair Care Myths With KinKind

From unrealistic hair growth adverts to online home remedies promising to transform your hair overnight, there are plenty of hair care myths and false marketing ruses out there, which we think it's about time we clear up. People also make their own presumptions about hair care, particularly around Shampoo and Conditioner bars, so we want to set the record straight once and for all.

1. Belief: Shampoo Bars don't work as well as bottled products

Wrong! They’re formulated to be BETTER than bottles: we use a much gentler cleanser than most bottled products so our bars don't strip your hair, the bars are packed with natural oils, and don't have parabens or silicones or which coat hair and weigh it down....(but more on that in the latter of this article).

Shampoo Bar vs Bottles

Unlike bottled products, KinKind shampoo and conditioner bars aren't made up of 80% water. Our ingredients are more concentrated than bottles, which is why we often get customer reviews affirming that their hair feels cleaner and don't need to wash it as frequently.

2. Buying More Sustainably Is Expensive

Not Quite! KinKind shampoo and conditioner bars don’t cost the earth and when stored correctly they are really good value for money. As the ingredients in our shampoo and conditioner bars are super concentrated (remember bottled shampoo/conditioner are 80% water), you will find you only need to use a tiny amount. Just one or two swipes/rubs with the shampoo bar and you get a rich lather.

Occasionally we are asked for help by customers when they are first using our bars - and normally they are using too much shampoo and not rinsing out fully. They then let us know they have successfully switched and how little they are using for great results.

Additionally, silicones that you find in bottled products often leave a coating on your hair, making it feel greasy and limp. Requiring washing more frequently. When our consumers switch to KinKind Bars they soon realise they don't have to wash their hair as often so their bar actually lasts longer than bottled shampoos & conditioners.

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3. Your Hair Goes Through A Transition Period When Switching To Shampoo Bars

False! When you switch from one shampoo to another or you delve into the world of solid shampoo & conditioner bars it will either work immediately, or you'll notice it doesn't work for your hair. This is due to the pH of hair and the way the bars are formulated. There are some bars in the market that do need a transition period of about 2 weeks, but when switching to KinKind shampoo & conditioner bars you can confidently switch from Day 1 because our bars are formulated to work naturally with your hair.

You can choose a bar that caters to your hair need/concerns. We have a wide range from menopausal hair to anti-dandruff, so your hair will LOVE KinKind bars from the get-go.

As promised... delving more into silicones. Silicones obstruct moisture from penetrating the hair shaft, which attracts dirt that accumulates as product buildup. This buildup weighs down hair, making it feel lifeless and dull. By switching to KinKind, our nourishing ingredients will penetrate through to the hair fibre giving you a sensational shine and gloss.

KinKind shampoo bars range

Do you have any myths or other presumptions you would like further explained? Get in touch 💬