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How to Use a Solid Shampoo Bar

If you, like many others, have woken up to the fact that we are entering 2023 in a global plastic crisis and are looking at ways to reduce your single-use plastic, shampoo bars are a great way to start your plastic-free journey.

Do Solid Shampoo Bars Work?

After years of using liquid shampoo, you may be apprehensive when making the initial switch to solid shampoo & conditioner bars. However, I am here to reassure you that KinKind has come up with a formula that gives you the foaminess, nourishment and treatment your hair requires to be strong and healthy but in a solid bar without unnecessary plastic packaging.

Our goal is to ensure everyone who switches to KinKind Hair & Skin Bars, switches for good. We often get told that our customers ‘will never go back to bottled products’ because they have an even better experience with our shampoo & conditioner bars stating that their hair is the ‘best it’s ever been’. Unlike liquid shampoo, which is made up of 80% water. Our shampoo and conditioner bars use super-concentrated cleansing ingredients, which help your hair stay cleaner for longer & restore life & volume back to your luscious locks.

Not all shampoo bars on the market are the same

My initial journey within the plastic-free world got off to a rocky start as I quickly learned that some shampoo bars are made using a traditional soap-making method, leaving my hair greasy, lank and dull. However, this was the impetus for me to create a solution, where we don’t have to compromise on the experience or the results when opting for a more eco-friendly alternative such as solid shampoo bars.

This is when KinKind was born!


KinKind Shampoo bars are delivered direct through the letterbox. Personalise your choice or pick one of our family selection boxes.


How To Use A KinKind Shampoo Bar

step 1- start by wetting your hair & the shampoo bar

step 2- rub the bar between your hands to make it foamy

step 3- massage into hair & scalp, circle the bar on your head for extra lather

step 4- rinse thoroughly

step 5- store in a dry place away from water using your KinKind racks

step 6- follow with one of our KinKind conditioner bars

How To Use A Shampoo Bar Video


50 washes


We have a large range of shampoo bars that cater to different hair types. We can help you find the bar that is right for you and give your hair the particular care it needs, just get in touch with us at support@kinkind.co.uk where we will be happy to help!

KinKind vegan shampoo bars are made in the UK