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It’s unblocky…what? Unblocktober is new to us at KinKind, but as we’re all about making small, easy changes in our every day lives to reduce plastic pollution, we’re signing up!

Unblocktober is a month long campaign throughout October to improve the health of our rivers, seas, drains and sewers. It’s about encouraging each of us to make small changes to the products we use and the way we dispose of them to help reduce the amount of plastic pollution entering our rivers and oceans and fight those horrible fatbergs!

It’s really easy to make a positive difference in 3 simple steps:

1) Stop flushing plastic containing everyday household items like wet wipes, nappies, sanitary products, condoms and contact lenses down our drains 💚
2) Stop pouring cooking oils, butters, cooking sauces and left over food items down our sinks 💚
3) Switch to plastic-free products, like our KinKind plastic free shampoo & conditioner bars, to reduce the amount of micro-plastics and plastic bottles polluting our rivers and seas 💚. This year, to the end of September our KinKind families have now saved over 54000 plastic bottles from becoming pollution. Thank you everyone! Let's keep it going!