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KinKind Founder Victoria Coe and plastic free family
When creating KinKind over a year ago I realised that FAMILIES are the key for us to help stop plastic pollution and make positive environmental change in the home. It's not about individual action, it's about families taking steps together on the journey to reduce plastic waste. These are the words I wrote down....

KinKind is for families who do things together - who live, laugh and love through life’s shared experiences - who feel responsible for those close to us, and for our impact on the world.

KinKind believes in families. We know that families have strength, longevity and don’t give up on each other. That’s why we believe that family by family we can bring about positive progress and change on some of our big environmental issues.

Little did I know back then that the strength and support of all of our families would be so tested and challenged in 2020. Every family has been touched by the effects of Covid and has had to dig deep in their own ways to overcome obstacles and anguish. It's times like these that we realise that we don't give up on our family, however diverse or distanced it may be, and that we find new ways to support each other.

I have loved some of the stories, questions and photos that I have been sent this year from families who have been trying KinKind. And, I have been amazed by the number of KinKind customers who are introducing their wider family to the idea of reducing plastic in their home. This is brilliant and is exactly the positive change and impact that I had hoped for.

Whether you will be celebrating Christmas together with your family in person, or perhaps like us Christmas dinner will be over FaceTime and Zoom... Happy Christmas from our family to yours and here's to a healthy and plastic-free 2021.

Enjoy KinKind! 💚

Best wishes, Victoria x