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KinKind is celebrating our 1st birthday! What a year it has been!

Here are a few of my reflections on KinKind's first year, helping families to stop plastic pollution and create positive plastic-free change with lovely-to-use shampoo bars and conditioner bars in UK bathrooms...

1) I could never have expected the amazing level of support and engagement from UK families. I have loved receiving all the comments and emails with feedback (good & bad!) and new product ideas.... please do keep them coming!

2) I didn't realise how all-consuming social media can be! I have no idea how many hours I have spent responding to questions and comments on Facebook and Instagram! It is a great source of insight and inspiration, and I value every customer who is interested in switching from plastic bottles to KinKind bars.

3) KinKind may be a small company but I have realised that it can have a BIG positive impact. Together KinKind families have saved over 73,000 plastic bottles in our first year! Imagine what we can do next year, and the following years to come! And, the major industry awards that we have won this year give me confidence that KinKind is doing the right thing for the future of hair and beauty.

I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to each and every KinKind customer and supporter. Thank you for taking a leap of faith to try KinKind, to switch away from the unnecessary plastic bottles that cause plastic pollution, and rest assured this is just the start of our plastic-free journey.