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KinKind BUTTER me up! Moisturiser Bar is a FINALIST!

Moisturiser bar
NEWSFLASH!! KinKind BUTTER me up! Moisturiser Bar for body, hands & feet is shortlisted as a FINALIST in the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2021! Winners will be announced in May.
Our lovely new addition to the KinKind plastic free range has been picked up and evaluated by the Pure Beauty Awards judging panel.
Why do we think they love our BUTTER me up! Moisturiser bar so much?
1) It's eliminating multiple plastic packaged products - hand cream, body lotion and foot cream - and combining into one lovely-to-use plastic free moisturising bar, that is remarkably intuitive to use.
2) One bar has so many uses - legs, hands, feet, elbows, stretch marks, pregnant tummies.... and can be used at home in the bathroom, on the desk at work, in a gym bag, or on the go in a handbag. Just store it in a KEEP me! travel tin, and it's ready to be used anywhere, any time!
3) Like other KinKind bars, it is simply lovely-to-use! Smooth it on your skin and it melts just enough to let the goodness quickly soak in.
No wonder it's been shortlisted for BEST NEW SUSTAINABLE BODY PRODUCT! Whoop Whoop!!!!
Enjoy KinKind! 💚