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Everything you need to know about Purple Shampoo for your blonde/silver haircare routine….

KinKind Purple Shampoo Bar

What is purple shampoo? What does purple shampoo do? Will it work for my hair? How to use purple shampoo to tone your hair?... With the launch of our NEW My PLATINUM touch! Purple Shampoo & Conditioner bars, we just thought we would put together this helpful little blog to answer any questions you may have on all things purple shampoo! And…we’ve also got all you need to know on how to get the most out of our My PLATINUM touch! Purple Shampoo & Conditioner bars in your planet friendly blonde/silver haircare routine.

What is purple shampoo? 

Purple shampoo is a pigmented shampoo that helps to gradually neutralise brassy, yellow tones in your hair. Suitable for blondes, grey/silver, white & highlighted hair, its neutralising powers all come down to the fact purple is opposite to yellow and orange on the colour wheel. This doesn’t mean your hair will go purple though! Instead, the cool purple tones neutralise any unwanted yellow/brassy tones in your hair, not only banishing brass from your hair, but reflecting light of the cool tones better, to help give you healthier, shinier looking hair. 

Is purple shampoo a toner?

While purple shampoo can be known as a “toning shampoo”, it is not the same as a toner. Toners are colour treatments that do also eliminate yellowy/orange tones; however, the results are more instant than purple shampoo and have the specific goal to restore tone imbalances. Purple shampoo on the other hand cleanses your hair just like regular shampoo while simultaneously working to gradually neutralise brassy tones in your hair. 

What does purple shampoo do to brown hair?

While purple shampoo will cleanse your brown hair just like your normal shampoo, it will not do anything to alter the colour due to how close together purple & brown are on the colour wheel. Our My PLATINUM touch! Purple Shampoo & Conditioner bars are however suitable for brunettes with blonde highlights/balayage. Just as with blonde/grey hair it will work to neutralise any brassy, yellow tones in your highlights/balayage that have developed.

How often should you use purple shampoo?

While there are intense purple shampoos/treatments out there that you may be required to use only once every few weeks, our My PLATINUM touch! Purple Shampoo bar is best used as your regular shampoo. It acts as the perfect maintenance purple shampoo to gradually neutralise brassy tones in your hair. Both our My PLATINUM touch! Purple Shampoo & Conditioner bars also contain a naturally derived added active specifically to give extra hydration & moisture to your bleached/naturally blonde, silver & grey hair. For best results to manage those brassy tones, we recommend using alongside our My PLATINUM touch! Conditioner bar. 

How to use purple shampoo?

Our My PLATINUM touch! Purple Shampoo bars are just like using any of our range of shampoo bars. But, if you are knew to KinKind or shampoo bars simply follow these quick & easy steps.

  1. Wet both your hair and your My PLATINUM touch! shampoo bar.
  2. Rub the bar between your hands for a thick, luxurious lather.
  3. Pop the bar on a rack and then massage into your hair. If needed, circle the bar directly on your hair for even more lather.
  4. Rinse out as normal.

Then pair with our My PLATINUM touch! Purple Conditioner bar for the ultimate blonde/silver haircare routine. After rinsing your shampoo out simply:

  1. Stroke the conditioner bar down your hair between your palms from root to tip/if you have short hair just stroke directly over your head.
  2. Leave for a few seconds & feel your hair relax.
  3. Rinse as normal. 

Our My PLATINUM touch! Shampoo and Conditioner bars are 100% Plastic-free, Vegan, Cruelty-free, Paraben Free, UK Made and Save 4 plastic bottles! 

And…If you do have any other questions on My PLATINUM touch! or any of our plastic free hair and beauty bars do also get in touch with us at family@kinkind.co.uk where we would be happy to help!