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Collection: Shampoo Bars

KinKind shampoo bars are such an easy switch from bottled shampoo.

KinKind shampoo bars are gently cleansing, fabulously foaming and freshly fragranced. They lather up and cleanse your hair, just like traditional liquid shampoos, even in hard water. And, each bar saves 2 (250ml) plastic bottles!

shampoo bars lather upto 50 washes KinKind awards

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  • Feel FRESH! 2in1 Shampoo & BodyWash bar for Fresh, Clean Hair & Skin. Saves 2 plastic bottles!
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With such a wide range, we truly believe at KinKind we have the best shampoo bars for whatever your hair type. See our best shampoo bar for all hair types; for fine hair, for dandruff, for dry hair, for coloured hair and highlighted hair, for curly and coily hair, for greasy hair, for damaged hair, for grey hair, and for sensitive dry and itchy scalp. And, we also have specially curated collections for men and for kids.

In KinKind shampoo bars we use a gentler cleanser than in bottled shampoos. Each shampoo bar is vegan, cruelty free, silicone free, paraben free, SLES free and of course zero waste. 

KinKind is UK made and delivered direct to you through the letterbox. This means that unlike bottled shampoos, we are not transporting 80% water in plastic bottles on long truck journeys across the world. Our bars are delivered direct through your letterbox in a plastic free, recyclable delivery carton that gives you a lovely fragranced opening experience.

Only KinKind is 100% plastic free, UK made, and delivered direct to you through the letterbox!

Use a KinKind shampoo bar and you'll find they give the experience and results you expect from bottled liquid shampoo from day 1. No plastic waste, no water, no transition period and no compromise on results! Click here to see customer KinKind reviews.

How to Use a Shampoo Bar

KinKind shampoo bars are gently cleansing for even the most fragile & fine hair. Simply wet the bar and give it a rub in your hands & it instantly gives you a lovely thick, luxurious lather. Pop the bar on a rack and then massage in to your hair. If needed, circle the bar directly on your head for even more lather. Massage, and then fully rinse. Solid shampoo is super concentrated (note - liquid shampoo is 80% water!) so you only need to use a tiny amount. Make sure it is fully rinsed out so no concentrated cleansing molecules are left in your hair. See the video below for how to use a shampoo bar.. Each palm-sized long lasting shampoo bar weighs 50g and lasts for up to 50 washes, saving an amazing 2 (250ml) plastic bottles every time.

How to Store a Shampoo Bar

Getting the storage right from the start is the key to successful switching. We recommend storing your shampoo bar out of the flow or splashes of water, on a metal or wooden rack so they can air dry. This will prevent them from going soft and mushy. In your bathroom if you have a ledge, for example a shower over bath, then a wooden rack works very well to store your bars. If you have a shower cubicle, then a metal rack that suctions to tiles works very well, positioned high up out of the flow of water. Once you have your bar storage set up and you realise how easy and lovely KinKind bars are to use, it becomes a really easy haircare routine and there is no more faffing about with upside down bottles and lids in the shower! We promise you won't look back to plastic bottles!

How to Travel With Shampoo Bars?

Travelling with KinKind shampoo bars is incredibly easy and takes up so little space. No more leaking liquid shampoo bottles in suitcases or gym bags, and no more issues going through airport customs with bottled products! For holidays, or going to the gym or pool we recommend our KEEP me! aluminium travel tins that fit all of our bars. They are great as a solid shampoo storage container. Simply pop each bar in a tin and away you go! A couple of tips are a) pop a piece of ribbon under the bar in the tin so you can lift it out easily, and b) open the tin when not travelling so the bar can air dry.

How to use up a KinKind Shampoo Bar

When your bar becomes thin through usage, simply put it on the top of a new one when they are both wet. You will find that it moulds on with usage, and you will use up 100% of the bar. It simply disappears with usage, taking zero waste to a new level!

Why Choose KinKind Shampoo Bars?

Industry Experts and our KinKind customers love our shampoo bars!

  • We won the Pure Beauty Global Award 2020 for Best New Sustainable Hair Product
  • KinKind was awarded the Best New British Brand in the Pure Beauty London Awards 2020, and
  • Out of a review of 14 shampoo bars, KinKind NOURISH me! was The Independent's INDY BEST BUY SHAMPOO BAR 2021
  • KinKind CLEAR my head! Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner bars were awarded the Nearly Natural Award at the Natural Health Beauty Awards 2021.
  • And, KinKind won the Global Green Business Award 2021 for Zero Waste Beauty etailer of the year.

How do you know which Shampoo bar is for you?

With so many shampoo bars, we understand you may not be 100% sure on what the best shampoo bar for your hair type/concern may be. So..we've compiled a quick guide below detailing the best shampoo for whatever your hair concern.

  • Best shampoo bar for normal/dry hair: Our NOURISH! me shampoo bar is enriched with coconut oil and contains a gentler cleanser than bottled shampoo. It's the ultimate nourishing shampoo bar to hydrate & care for dry, dull hair & is also great for grey hair.  
  • Best shampoo bar for colour-treated hair: Make me SHINE! is rich, foaming & contains our gentler cleanser to protect your hair colour. It is also infused with henna & juniper to add gloss and shine. 
  • Best shampoo bar for fine hair: Our Give me STRENGTH! bar is infused with Lavender & Rosemary botanics to not only cleanse & care, but rosemary oil is also known to help skin cell stimulation making it perfect for fine, thinning, weak or dull hair.
  • Best shampoo bar for curly hair types, frizzy, long, thick & damaged hair: A breakthrough hydrating shampoo bar for damaged hair types in need of extra care, our Give me MORE! Shampoo bar contains a silicone free active to give extra hydration, smoothness, softness, moisture, shine & strength.
  • Best shampoo bar for dandruff: Gently cleansing & with a fresh apple fragrance, our CLEAR my head! shampoo bar uses a naturally derived plant based active to reduce dandruff, scalp redness and an itchy scalp. 
  • Best shampoo bar for sensitive skin: Fragrance free, gently cleansing & packed with coconut oil, our Be KIND! Shampoo bar is our best shampoo for   allergy prone, sensitive scalps, kids and those who simply don't like fragrance.
  • Best shampoo for greasy, oily hair: The ultimate deep cleansing shampoo bar, CLEANSE me! is fortified with citrus & sea minerals to deep cleanse your hair & it doubles up as a body bar for your skin too, so is perfect for those who want to keep their showering routine simple.
  • Best shampoo for kids: Fresh, minty & foaming our Feel FRESH! 2in1 Shampoo & BodyWash bar is the perfect gently cleansing bar for kids. With a light peppermint fragrance it is also our best scented shampoo bar to wake up, and feel fresh and ready to start the day

KinKind Shampoo bar Subscription option

You can choose to buy any of KinKind's solid shampoo bars on a one-off basis, or on subscription. When you add each product to the basket you can click the option to buy on subscription saving 10% and with free delivery on every order. Choose the delivery interval from the dropdown box to suit you (the default is 8 weeks). KinKind subscriptions are available on all of our bars, totally flexible and you can cancel at any time.

Does KinKind have Hair Conditioner Bars?

Absolutely yes!  We truly believe we have the best conditioner bars in the UK that are perfect to pair your KinKind solid shampoo with! They are enriched with coconut oil & cocoa butter alongside concentrated conditioning ingredients to leave hair feeling soft and smooth. To use a Conditioner bar you simply hold it between your palms and stroke it directly down your hair from root to tip. You'll feel your hair instantly relax just like bottled conditioner. Then simply rinse as normal. 

Does KinKind have Eco Friendly Shampoo Bar Gift Sets? 

Yes, you can introduce friends and family to a more environmentally friendly bathroom with these fabulous cruelty free eco-friendly gifts. They include specially curated gift sets featuring all of our favourite KinKind hair and body bars.

There are so many benefits of switching from liquid shampoo to KinKind shampoo bars for you and our planet. If you want to understand more about the reasons and benefits of switching, click here to read more.