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Why choose Shampoo Bars vs Bottles?

shampoo bars benefits vs bottles

Shampoo bars! What are Shampoo bars? What's the difference between Shampoo bars? Why should anyone switch from bottles to Shampoo bars? These are frequent questions that I get when I tell people about KinKind shampoo bars. So, in this blog I intend to share some of my knowledge that I've learned along the way over the last few years.

1) KinKind Shampoo bars are the new way to wash your hair, without using high water content liquids and plastic bottles.

They are not soap! They are super-concentrated shampoo cleansing ingredients in a bar format, that slowly and gradually reduce in size until they are paper thin, and then they just dissolve when you are using them. The best way to finish an almost used-up shampoo bar is to stick it on top of a new one, and away you go!

2) Not all Shampoo bars are made equal!

When I started to explore the plastic free world of shampoo bars I trialled different ones that were available at the time. Unfortunately for me I started with shampoo bars that are made using a traditional soap-making method and they turned my hair into a greasy, lank, dull mop. I thought it would be a great idea to trial these whilst away camping. It was a disaster! This was the impetus for me to create a solution where by we don't have to compromise on the experience or the results when we choose a shampoo bar. KinKind was born! KinKind shampoo bars are made with almost dry shampoo ingredients that are pressed into the bar shape. They are not soap! 

3) There are so many benefits of KinKind Shampoo bars vs Bottles.

Here is the shortlist....

For you and your hair :

  • Hair looks and feels fabulous....people talk about a softness that they don't experience with bottled shampoo.
  • Gentler cleansing ingredients on hair and scalp, than SLS which is the cleanser mainly used in bottled shampoos.
  • Your bathroom looks tidier, and always smells fresh and lovely! Bars look tidier on a rack than lots of bottles lining the floor of the shower or edge of the bath, the plughole doesn't clog up with slimy conditioner, and the bars make your whole bathroom smell divine always!

For our environment :

  • Plastic free means no plastic has to be produced from finite oil resources in the first place, no plastic is thrown away as polluting waste, and no energy has to be used to recycle plastic. 
  • The main ingredient in bottled shampoo is water... it's about 80% water! When this is made in a big factory it is then bottled and sent on long, international journeys to get to the shops. KinKind shampoo bars are made in the UK with almost dry ingredients, so we're not shipping high-content water products on long international journeys.
  • The equivalent of a KinKind shampoo bar in bottled shampoo is 10X the weight of a KinKind shampoo bar. This weight is being transported around in lorries driving up the carbon emissions. KinKind shampoo bars are sent on one journey from the factory to the fulfilment centre in the next County, and are then posted out via Royal Mail through the letterbox by our regular Posties. No long distribution journeys of heavy products and no extra couriers!

4) How do I use shampoo bars?

KinKind shampoo bars lather up instantly in your hands and you can massage the lather on to your hair. You can also circle the bar directly on your hair if you want a bit more lather. Remember shampoo bars are super-concentrated, so if you or your children have sensitive skin it's best to lather up in your hands so it dilutes the concentration of actives, and then massage on to your hair. Always rinse fully. Learn more about using shampoo bars here.

5) How do I store shampoo bars?

This is so important to get right from day 1 when switching from bottles to shampoo bars. I learned from my mistakes! Shampoo bars need to be stored on a rack out of the flow of water so they can air-dry, otherwise they will dissolve or go mushy and you will simply and literally waste money down the drain. If you get the storage right, the bars will dry quickly and will last for absolutely ages.


I hope this blog has helped you and your family realise the benefits of switching to shampoo bars, and you join us to create positive plastic free change in your bathroom. Enjoy KinKind!