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best body moisturizer | best moisturiser bar for soft skin

I'm a SOFT touch! Moisturiser bar. Saves 1 plastic bottle!

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Relax and pamper your skin with our best body moisturizer, hand cream and foot cream, all in ONE lovely plastic free moisturiser bar with a calming Lavender and Chamomile fragrance.

This cocoa butter moisturiser bar is formulated to nourish the body, hands and feet leaving skin soft to the touch. Say good bye forever to multiple plastic body lotion bottles and tubes of hand cream!

Before use warm the bar in your hands until you feel it just starting to melt.

Body: Ideal to use after showering, warm the bar in your hands and stroke it directly on your body. Feel the nourishing moisturising ingredients quickly soak in and feed your skin. No more drips on the floor and no waiting to get dressed!

Hands: Use as a solid hand cream bar to prevent that tight dry-skin feeling after hand washing. With a rub of the bar you can keep your hands feeling soft and nourished. Pop a bar in a KEEP me! aluminium storage tin on your desk, or in your hand-bag. And here's the best bit... no more squeezing the impossible last bit out of a plastic tube!

Feet: Use as a foot cream bar on dry, cracked heels to help soften and hydrate skin. Stroke the bar directly on your heels and feel how quickly it absorbs into the skin. No drips on the floor!

Stretch Marks: Ideal to use on baby bumps to help keep skin nourished and prevent stretch marks. Stroke over the baby bump and gently massage in.

Hand-made in the UK, plastic free, cruelty free, paraben free.

If you feel little bits on your skin when you are using the bar, this is in fact your skin exfoliating with the rubbing action of the bar. We recommend to exfoliate your skin if needed and then moisturise.

Store in a KinKind KEEP me! aluminium storage and travel tin, in a cooler place out of direct sunlight. If left in the sun, or in hot temperatures, this bar may melt and then solidify again when it cools.

Each bar weighs 50g.

This bar is not Vegan, it contains dry milk. We are working on developing a Vegan bar.

INGREDIENTS: Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Sucrose, Whole Dry Milk, Lecithin, Parfum, Vanillin, Aqua, Limonene, Linalool, Coumarin, Hexyl Cinnamal, Geraniol, CI 17200, CI 42090.