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Everything you need to know on BRAND-NEW KinKind Give me MORE! Shampoo & Conditioner bars for your curly hair routine….


Give me MORE! Shampoo bars


Do you have curly hair and are thinking about switching to bars, but aren’t sure where to start? Or struggled to get enough care for your hair from other Shampoo & Conditioner bars? We believe our BRAND-NEW Give me MORE! Shampoo & Conditioner bars really are the breakthrough you’ve been looking for when it comes to curly hair products that give enough care for your hair AND the planet by helping to reduce your plastic & water consumption.

But…with so many different types of curls, curly hair products, methods, concerns and advice, in this blog we intend to share how we’ve formulated the bars especially for your curly hair concerns and why they are the flexible curly hair products you need for whatever type of curly hair routine you follow for your curls!

How are they formulated for your curly hair?

When we set about developing Give me MORE! the first thing we recognised was the need for the bars to give extra care for your key curly hair concerns. We wanted to give you hydrated, soft, shiny, more manageable curls that are less prone to breakages with a Shampoo & Conditioner in a bar format! And…. we found a golden ingredient that’s been added to both the Give me MORE! Shampoo bar & Conditioner bar that does just that!

A Silicone Free, Vegan wheat bran based active that protects your hair fibres to give:

  • Extra Smoothness
  • Extra Softness
  • Extra Hydration & Moisture
  • Extra Shine
  • Extra Strength & Resistance
  • Extra Ease of Combing

The Shampoo bar also contains a gentler cleanser than bottled shampoo and the Deep Conditioner bar is packed with Cocoa Seed Butter, Coconut oil and concentrated conditioning ingredients.

With both bars containing a gorgeous geranium and ylang ylang fragrance, your hair will not only be left looking and feeling amazing but smelling amazing too. They really are the perfect curly hair products for a planet friendly, curly hair routine!

Talking of which…. how can you get the most out of them in your curly hair routine?
Another key thing we wanted to ensure when developing the bars, was that they were flexible enough for whatever type of curly hair routine you follow for your curls. After all, when it comes to your curly hair, it’s likely you know what’s best when it comes to how frequently to wash; whether the curly girl method using a normal conditioner /co-wash works better for your hair, whether you pre-poo, leave-in your conditioner or rinse-out…..

But wherever you use the Shampoo & Conditioner bar in your curly routine, here’s some simple steps to follow for each bar:

Give me MORE! Shampoo bar

  1. Wet the bar, then rub to lather in your hands or circle directly on your hair.
  2. Pop the bar on a rack and massage the lather gently into your hair.
  3. Rinse thoroughly

Give me MORE! Deep Conditioner bar

  1. Wet the bar and then smooth it gently down the lengths of wet hair between your palms from root to tip.
  2. Pop the bar down. Leave for a minute as it gives you that instant conditioning feeling on your hair.
  3. Rinse thoroughly.

If using as a hair treatment, we recommend leaving the conditioner bar on for up to 5 minutes before rinsing. And if you are in need of even more moisture, leave a small amount of the conditioner on your hair after rinsing to keep your curls smooth, or add a little bit more after rinsing and finger it through your hair.

Using the Curly Girl Method?

While our conditioner bars are not formulated specifically as a co-wash, previous curly haired customers have used our lighter coconut fragranced NOURISH me! Conditioner bar as step 1. If using this as your first step, we recommend following up with the Give me MORE! Conditioner bar which is a perfect 2nd step conditioner for use in the Curly Girl Method.

(If you are doing the Curly Girl Method, we do recommend you use both the Give me more! Shampoo bar & Conditioner bar every few weeks as part of your curly hair routine to properly cleanse away any dirt or bacteria from your hair)

Just a quick note on the cleansing agent in our Give me MORE! Shampoo bar…

We know for your curly hair, seeing the word Sulphate on our Shampoo bar ingredient list may make you a little nervous, so we just wanted to explain about the Sulphate cleansing agent used in our Give me MORE! Shampoo bar. Most importantly, it isn’t Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) you often find in bottled shampoo that’s known for being harsh and stripping of the natural oils & moisture in your hair.

Our Give me MORE! Shampoo Bar instead contains Sodium Coco-Sulphate (SCS), which despite sharing similarities with SLS has one key difference. Unlike SLS’s small molecular mass which penetrates the skin, often causing irritation & stripping, SCS has a much greater molecular mass that is too big to penetrate your skin in this way and is therefore a gentler cleanser and is what produces the rich lovely lather of our Shampoo bar. This is also what makes Give me MORE! and all of our KinKind Shampoo bars suitable for coloured/highlighted hair.

For more information on the benefits of switching from bottles to KinKind Shampoo bars for your hair AND the planet, simply click HERE.

Plastic-free, Paraben-free, Vegan-friendly, Cruelty-free, pH balanced for hair, Handmade in the UK bars, delivered direct through the letterbox to minimise the carbon footprint. Get MORE! for your hair, while giving MORE to the planet!

If you do try our new Give me MORE! bars, do also let us know how you find them! We’d love to hear from you!